DriDeck is a complete system for the collection of water at subsurface level

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Dri-deck is a complete solution for the collection of water at the subsurface level that can be used in conjunction with our Envirodeck kerb drainage systems.

Why use Dri-Deck?
The Highways Agency has highlighted the need for effective subsurface drainage to prevent serious damage to the waterproof membrane and pavement. Such damage can require costly and disruptive repairs.

Combined kerb drainage systems can be effective in draining subsurface water. However the base thickness of the unit, the mortar bed, and any regulating course can raise the subsurface collection holes above the deck level. Dri-deck provides the ideal system to capture any remaining water at this level.


High Strength Ductile Iron Channel
Dri-deck channel units come in slotted one-metre sections manufactured in graphite iron. The Dri-deck channel provides continuous subsurface water collection with a range of T-pieces, bends and cross sections allowing a number of drainage designs.



ABS Heat Resistant Outlet Fittings
The outlet units for Dri-deck are comprised of a recessed base unit which fits smoothly with the waterproof membrane, and cover made from high strength thermoplastic material that is heat resistant and highly durable under pressure. Inlet holes at the top and bottom of the cover unit allow drainage from above and below the waterproof membrane.

Wide Range of Beneath Deck Pipes
A compatible system of pipework is available including a full range of pipe hangers, supports, and fittings to allow carrier pipes to cross expansion points.