EnviroBridge, The First Fully Recycled One-Piece Combined Kerb Bridge Drainage System

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Bridge and shallow depth drainage

Due to the huge success of the Envirokerb Road Drainage product, PDS have developed the NEW EnviroBridge System for Structures and restricted depth construction.

  • Three additions to Envirokerb Range.
  • Manufactured as a high strength one-piece monolithic unit.
  • Ideal for areas where construction depths are limited i.e concrete slabs, Bridges, roads built as a slab or structure, underpasses and above culverts.
  • 3 widths dependant on Hydraulic run-off.
  • Allows continuity of Envirokerb drainage from carriageways to structures.
  • Sub-surface drainage facility to help drain asphalt matrix.
  • Fully compliant to EN1433 D400KN for Kerb Drainage Systems.
  • Lightweight for installation advantages (19kg for heaviest product).
  • Non-Metallic and therefore non-oxidising.

The product is available as 150mm, 220mm and 310mm wide with various depths depending on the Kerb Profile required (75mm, 100mm or 125mm splay or HB).

PDS PLC are the World leaders in Bridge Drainage, supplying over 90% of Structures in the UK and Ireland. Our reputation for quality of product and service has led to orders in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Germany and recently the Czech Republic.

It was always our ambition to increase our range of lightweight, Environmentally friendly products and as our International business grows this becomes much more important.

The product has all the advantages of the existing Envirokerb range, including superb impact resistance, Lightweight for manual handling, aesthetics very similar to concrete and of course the benefit of a product manufactured in 100% Recycled material.

For the full range please view the Envirobridge brochure or contact us. to discuss your requirements.