EnviroChamber, the one-piece moulded Manhole Chamber

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A comprehensive range of one-piece moulded Manhole Chamber sections for use by Utilities & Building Companies.
Our range of manhole chambers are made from 100% recycled plastic material normally destined for landfill and share the multiple benefits common to all of the products in our Enviro-Range.

Using Envirochambers can help meet the demands of Health and Safety Requirements, Project Efficiency and Component Quality and is the ideal solution for manhole chambers and composite manhole covers for Fire Hydrants, SV Valves and Sewage / foul water chambers.

Advantages when using Envirochamber products over traditional products

Lighter, Stronger, Safer, Easier to handle and to Install, Little or No Breakages through transportation or installation and Environmentally Greener than traditional materials.


Envirochamber manhole sections are made so that the unit weight is far less than those made from traditional materials such as concrete and will normally fall within the H&S guidelines for a one man installation.

This reduces the installation time and cost and can help meet the Health and Safety requirements on RSI.

Innovative design and faster installation

The internal clear openings for the standard range of chamber sections come in sizes common across the Water and Building Industries and are available in a range of depths some of which are not available on chambers made in traditional materials such as concrete due to weight or manufacturing constraints. The chamber sections for all sizes have a built in interlocking system that gives a secure and robust assembly.

The sections taper from the top face to the base to assist sealing of the completed chamber. Also due to the interlocking system and the light weight the Envirochamber design sections can be assembled quickly and accurately. Silicon Sealant can also be applied between the sections to stop the ingress of contaminated water into the finished chamber.In the case of the Hydrant and SV ranges separate base units are available and can be supplied either as a one piece unit or a two piece unit for retro fitting around pre-installed pipes or valves.

These base sections have raised pieces to locate securely into the under side of the chamber sections to hold the chambers securely whilst they are being assembled around the valve or pipe work and to restrict any movement of the assembly due to backfilling or concreting when finishing the chamber.All chamber sections, Hydrant - SV and Large, have a purpose made built in location system on the top section to positively locate the Cast Iron Cover and to stop it sliding or moving when the contractors finish the chamber. The Hydrant chamber section can be used to repair existing damaged concrete chambers with special component parts required. As well as the Locating ribs the range of Larger Envirochambers have purpose made hand holds to assist in the manhandling from the pallet or transport and to speed up the installation of the chamber.

This range of large chamber is available in three internal opening sizes and in all cases two depths.


Specialised Product Range

The Enviro Range includes Fire Hydrant Chambers Sections and SV chambers with a range of compatible bases.

PDS manufacture a Closing System with a Base, Shaft Pipe and Top Hat profile, which allows a chamber to be closed below ground level (Kettler Spindles) but allows access from the surface in case of repairs.

SV chambers and their bases are available as an alternative to heavy concrete sections in the installation of Sluice / Stop Valves.

PDS have manufactured a range of units to meet the market need for Larger Chamber Sections and offer a size range from 600 mm x 450 mm to 900 mm x 600 mm clear openings. All are made with purpose made hand holds and built in location system. A further benefit built into the design of the larger chambers is a wider shoulder bearing area which provides full support for the new design of manhole covers such as the Opt-Emax or similar which have large flange areas at the corners.

Green Benefits

The EnviroChamber manhole sections are made entirely from recycled materials that would have ended up in landfill site within the UK or overseas this has helped to reduce the carbon footprint of not only PDS but also the producer of the waste plastic, transport companies and you the final user of EnviroChambers.

Traditional manhole chamber sections manufactured in materials such as concrete rely heavily on fossil fuels to make the raw materials this gives high carbon footprint.

The lighter EnviroChamber reduces the amount of transport required to move the same number of products in concrete (more on a wagon) from the manufacturing site to the customer.

At the end of the EnviroChambers useful life unlike products made from traditional materials they can be recycled and the material reused no matter how long it's been in use above or below ground.

Quality Assurance

EnviroChambers are all tested and certified in an unsupported state to BS 5834-4 1989 and to EN 124 D400 loading.


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