Envirochannel, The First Fully Recycled One-Piece Drainage Channel

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The recycled composite channel drain solution with the success of the Envirokerb fully-recycled combined kerb drainage system, PDS decided to apply the same principles to traditional linear drainage. The result is the Envirochannel - a one-piece, fully recycled, channel drainage solution.

Envirochannel shares the multiple benefits common to all of the products in our Enviro-range, and is quickly becoming recognised as the lightest, strongest and greenest channel drainage system on the market. Envirochannel can help you meet the demands of health and safety requirements, project efficiency, and component quality and is the ideal solution for linear drainage on roads, urban areas or retail parks.

Lighter. Stronger. Faster to install. Safer. And Greener

NEW! Envirochannel is now available with a higher capacity specification and with a unique anti-petrol catchment grating.

Features and Benefits

Innovative One-piece Design
Traditional channel drainage consists of a concrete channel and bolted on metal gratings. The one-piece design of Envirochannel eliminates the risk of loose or stolen gratings - a common sight with traditional two-piece solutions. Loose or missing gratings not only pose a health and safety risk to pedestrians, but also contribute to the most common forms of failure in the drainage channel walls under heavy loads.

With this in mind, PDS deliberately designed the Envirochannel as a one-piece unit with no moveable parts to ensure the maximum durability and robustness of the system.

Envirochannel is made from fully recycled plastic. The unit weight is far less than traditional concrete and metal two-piece drainage units, reducing the amount of traffic needed to transport units to and from the site.

All the Envirochannel components have been designed to fall well within the 25kg limit for manual handling! The reduced weight eliminates the need for on-site machinery for installation. Evidence from on-site contractors suggests this reduces installation times dramatically.

Health and Safety
The lighter weight of Envirochannel means fewer workplace injuries - and subsequently fewer lost workdays or costly compensation claims.

Cutting the recycled plastic material has none of the risks normally associated with cutting concrete, which releases huge amounts of dust containing harmful particles.

Precision Manufactured
Envirochannel is manufactured to a high aesthetic finish, making it almost indistinguishable from concrete units, for continuity with existing materials.

Envirochannel is currently available in a standard width with a range of different depths to allow for either on-site gradient or stepped fall. The Envirochannel system is complemented by a full range of additional components.

PDS recognised that traditional linear channel systems usually fail not through excessive loads, but because of the way the load is distributed. For example, delivery lorries turning on the drainage system often causes the grates to become loose which in turn contributes to the failure of the channel walls. The one-piece design of the Envirochannel removes this risk.

All of our units are tested to a single loading class (Group D400), removing the uncertainty of trying to predict loads for a given environment.

Independent tests show that the recycled plastic material is up to 30 times stronger than equivalent concrete products, making it almost unbreakable during on-site handling and installation. In fact we are so confident of the unit's durability, Envirochannel combined drainage comes with a guarantee against breakage.

The composite material is fully resistant to all types of chemicals in petrol, diesel and oil, and is not affected by road salts.

Quality Assurance
Envirochannel is fully compliant to the European EN1433 specification for drainage channels with vehicular and pedestrian access. The product bears the CE mark of conformity. PDS have full ISO9001 Accreditation (Management Systems). In addition and essential for full compliance to the EN1433 standard, our manufacturing facilities have full ISO 9000 series Accreditation and Quality Assurance. PDS are now compliant to ISO14001.

Green Benefits
The Envirochannel one-piece linear drainage system is made entirely from recycled materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill within the UK and China. But the environmental benefits don't end there - Envirochannel helps your company reduce its carbon footprint throughout its lifetime in use.

Other linear drainage systems are manufactured in traditional materials and rely heavily on natural resources. These products are also heavy, requiring more traffic to and from site.

The environmental benefits of Envirochannel continue right through its lifetime in use. If no longer required on site, the Envirochannel can be reused elsewhere, or recycled - unlike traditional products.

Lighter. Stronger. Faster to install. Safer. And Greener