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The original 100% composite lightweight combined kerb bridge drainage system.

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Envirodeck is the number one selling bridge drainage system for the UK and Ireland.

A combination of innovative design and a composite non-metallic material gives a one-piece unit that is lighter and stronger than traditional systems.

Envirodeck provides both surface drainage and sub-surface drainage. As advised by Highways England this is recommended to prevent serious damage to the waterproof membrane and pavement, and helps you to avoid costly and disruptive repairs.

Features and Benefits

Envirodeck shares the benefits common to the other products in our Enviro-range in terms of strength, durability, appearance, and finish. In addition the following benefits are specific to bridge drainage.

Reduced Bridge Load

Envirodeck is made from a composite material that reduces unit weight by over 50% compared to metallic units. This reduces the load on new and refurbished bridge structures and the amount of traffic needed to transport units to site.

Anti-slip Surface


Envirodeck has a unique anti-slip pattern that is impossible to achieve with metallic units and is ideal for bridges with pedestrian access.

Superior Appearance

Envirodeck is made from a composite material that does not rust. The units can be supplied in a range of colours to complement the bridge design or to delineate road edges.

Complete Product Range

Envirodeck is available in a wide range of widths and depths, as well as half-battered or 45 degree splayed styles, to meet project requirements.

While Envirodeck provides both surface and sub-surface drainage you may also want to consider installing our Drideck system to ensure the bridge deck remains completely free from sub-surface water.

What our Customers say...

"The advantages with Envirodeck is that it is a single colour product of high durability, eliminating the need for any maintenance. Each individual unit can be handled by one man, and it's fully compliant with the manual handling regulations. Any other product would require a two-man lift or mechanical plant to help lift it into place"
River Hull Viaduct Project.


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